More Tips

Whether you’re a single professional in a city apartment, or a mum or dad trying to keep the whole family organised, space and time is always against us – keeping everything in a place where you can easily get your hands on it is a continual struggle!

Here are some clever little tips that can help to keep the house clutter-free and save you time.

Make the most of ALL of your space

Beds take up a lot of bedroom space right? But what about all of that dead space underneath your bed? With some great compartmentalised, tough-wearing storage boxes available at all price ranges, you can choose to colour-code boxes based on what it’s storing; for example the red box contains shoes, the blue box contains blankets etc.

Just hangin’ out

Whether you’re renting or own your house, if you don’t want to add permanent fixtures to your walls, why not try storage units or baskets with suction cups? Technology has come a long way so the modern products are great and can hold an extraordinary amount of weight. Hanging baskets are particularly great for bathrooms, and take a look at some brilliant ‘oh-so-professional looking’ hairdryer holders – saving your cupboard space for more important luxury bubble baths and lotions!

Pretty and practical – storage furniture at its best

Built-in storage within furniture has become common-place as designers are realising that people want to keep their houses as clutter-free as possible. Some great traditional examples are chests that double as coffee tables for young urbanites, through to lounge furniture with build in storage boxes – great for kids toys and blankets.