“These hangers are great. About time someone designed a hanger for strapped clothing. I hang so many different things on mine. I love all the space I have created. I did look at the slideshow on your website, and I do use them for a lot of ways you have suggested. Might need to buy more now.”
——— Odette Still, Kent
“Great idea to use it as a drying hanger. It’s like a mini clothes line inside. Very handy to just hand of a door handle.”
——— Angela Foley, Reading
“ I am the owner of 4 amazing hangers. I wear lots of jeans and combats and I hang all my eight items on one hanger. They are strong and compact and just perfect. I use 1 of the hangers for my sun dresses, 1 for my husband’s ties and the other for my scarves. Great product.
——— Theresa Charlton, Birmingham
“I love the Hickson hanger so much I now have 9 of them in my wardrobe. I can now see all of my clothes and I tend to wear different clothes more now because I can see them all. Love it.”
——— Bernadette Finnegan, Manchester
“Can’t believe how organised I am now. I sort my work clothes out for the whole week on Sundays for the whole week ahead. It saves me the frustration every morning of wondering what to wear. I love being organised.”
——— Patricia McGowan, North Hampton
“I bought some of these hangers and I loved them so much I now buy them as presents for my girlfriends. What a great gift for the girl that has everything!”
——— Francess Shalvey, Woking
“Having just moved into a new flat wardrobe space was very limited, but with just half a dozen Hickson Hangers it was like magic I suddenly seemed to have abundancy of space, just brilliant.”
——— Colette Hickey, Notting Hill
“When travelling I always pack a few Hickson Hangers, so I hang up all my skirts, tops and sun dresses, as everyone knows most hotels only supply a couple of “shirts hangers” not very practical for us girls.”
——— Celine Doherty, Surrey
“Last Christmas all the ladies in my family received a “Hickson Hanger” as a stocking filler, I have received more calls about how they love their Hanger than any other present I have ever given them, it is amazing what they are being used for! My brother even pinched my Mum's for his ties, looks like I know what Santa is bringing the boys this year. Great idea ladies.”
——— Marion Healy, Essex