Hickson Hanger

Have you ever noticed that you have tops, bras and countless other clothes that you never wear, just because you can’t find them? Sick of trying to find a matching bra for your dress or top? Well two women decided that they had had enough of wasting money on clothes they would never wear because they couldn’t find them, and decided to organise their wardrobes and drawers once and for all – by creating the Hickson Hanger.

Two years later, the Hickson Hanger has helped women with a passion for fashion who don’t have time for clutter. The multiple-garment hangers keep your wardrobe organised and save you precious time.


  • Creates extra closet or wardrobe space
  • Hangs eight pieces of clothing
  • Hangs your sets together
  • Co-ordinates your outfits
  • Makes your selection easy
  • View all your fashion
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Unlimited uses