“...The amazing thing is I can hang four matching bras and tops on one hanger. It makes getting dressed so much easier in the mornings as I don’t have to rummage through my bra drawer anymore – thanks guys!.”
——— Mel, Cairns QLD
“Thank you Hickson Hanger. I’m hanging all my skirts on one hanger, I live in a small apartment in the middle of the city so wardrobe space is a rare commodity!”
——— Mary, Surry Hills, NSW
“I love that the hanger is good and solid...it won’t break like those plastic ones.”
——— Cass, Hawthorn, VIC
“I can’t believe how much space I’ve saved in my children’s wardrobes. My kids know to put tops with tops, dresses with dresses, they know how to hang them up properly which gives me more ‘me-time’ – love it ladies!
——— Jill, Glen Iris, VIC
“I have now bought the hickson hanger for all of my family. It has encouraged me to do a huge cleanout and we can’t believe how such a simple invention has made everything so much neater in our bedrooms. ”
——— Kara, USA
“These hangers are great. About time someone designed a hanger for strapped clothing. I hang so many different things on mine. I love all the space I have created. I did look at the slideshow on your website, and I do use them for a lot of ways you have suggested. Might need to buy more now.”
——— Odette Still, Kent
“Great idea to use it as a drying hanger. It’s like a mini clothes line inside. Very handy to just hand of a door handle.”
——— Angela Foley, Reading
“ I am the owner of 4 amazing hangers. I wear lots of jeans and combats and I hang all my eight items on one hanger. They are strong and compact and just perfect. I use 1 of the hangers for my sun dresses, 1 for my husband’s ties and the other for my scarves. Great product.
——— Theresa Charlton, Birmingham
“I love the Hickson hanger so much I now have 9 of them in my wardrobe. I can now see all of my clothes and I tend to wear different clothes more now because I can see them all. Love it.”
——— Bernadette Finnegan, Manchester
“Can’t believe how organised I am now. I sort my work clothes out for the whole week on Sundays for the whole week ahead. It saves me the frustration every morning of wondering what to wear. I love being organised.”
——— Patricia McGowan, North Hampton
“I bought some of these hangers and I loved them so much I now buy them as presents for my girlfriends. What a great gift for the girl that has everything!”
——— Francess Shalvey, Woking
“Having just moved into a new flat wardrobe space was very limited, but with just half a dozen Hickson Hangers it was like magic I suddenly seemed to have abundancy of space, just brilliant.”
——— Colette Hickey, Notting Hill
“When travelling I always pack a few Hickson Hangers, so I hang up all my skirts, tops and sun dresses, as everyone knows most hotels only supply a couple of “shirts hangers” not very practical for us girls.”
——— Celine Doherty, Surrey
“Last Christmas all the ladies in my family received a “Hickson Hanger” as a stocking filler, I have received more calls about how they love their Hanger than any other present I have ever given them, it is amazing what they are being used for! My brother even pinched my Mum's for his ties, looks like I know what Santa is bringing the boys this year. Great idea ladies.”
——— Marion Healy, Essex